Thursday, April 19, 2012


Are you familiar with the book DARE TO FAIL?

 If you will ask me, I’m certainly not. LOL!

I have read the A-Z of dare to fail by Billi P.S. Lim.  The book has a comic presentation, portrayed in 26 alphabets of the English language explaining in details the important things WE need to know when we FAIL. It elucidates how one should handle failures based on the author’s life experiences.

- HERE is the A-Z of overcoming Failures in order to Succeed - 

Achievers fail more than non-achievers.
Bounce back. Everybody trips once in awhile. It’s whether you bounce back that counts. 
Conquer your fears through action. You don’t know what you can’t do until you do it.
Detach yourself. When something fails, it’s the event that fails, not you.
Enjoy failure – it’s part of life experiences. People who only succeed & never fail experience only half of life.
Failing in the past does not mean you will fail again in the future.
G-d must have loved failures, otherwise why are there more failures than successful people.
Hold fast to your dreams. Do not let hardships, frustrations or disappointments distract you from your goals.
Innovate and come up with new ideas when th old ones no longer work.
Jot down all your ideas and thoughts no matter how crazy they may seem to be.
Know yourself-we are engineered to overcome odds and obstacles.
Learn from failures of others and laugh at your own.
Mistakes are the toll fees we may have to pay in order to break new limits.
Nobody is free from failures in this world. Only those who do nothing worthwhile never fail.
Open your eyes, your mind and your heart to opportunities all the times.
Prepare yourself for all eventualities when you fail. You may have to eat instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Quitters never win. Winners never quit. People don’t fail they quit.
Risk - People who never fail may have not taken enough risk.
Success is at the far side of failure. We always pass a patch called “failure” on our way to success.
Trying and failing in something is better than doing and succeeding in nothing.
Understand that people will blame you for your failures or mistakes- it’s normal. Rejections & criticisms are the baptism of fire that makes men great.
Value your life, never commit suicide. So long as you’re alive there’s always another chance.
Wisdom is the highest reward of failing. There is always something to be gained from everything we experienced. Nothing is ever lost.
X-ray and examine where you went wrong and take a new approach more intelligently.
You and I are responsible for our failures and successes, nobody else is.
Zap back your energy and try again with different methods, different approaches, from different directions or in different fields. 

 To be honest, It’s my first time to read this book and I found it interesting, inspiring and fulfilling. It helps me understand the true essence of life and how failure signifies life. It opens my mind to the ugly truth that failure is a part of life-and a life will never be rewarding if there will be no failures at all.

As what the author said: “Failure is a part and parcel of success.”

And I say! Amen to this, because Failure & Success is a two-way process. They are collaborative. You will not succeed without failing and you will not fail without trying to succeed. And that’s how they work together.


Follow the A-Z of Dare to Fail and we will certainly Succeed…

Love Lots,

Bubbly pEarL 


  1. Very true! These words are surely motivating. It won't be wrong to say that failures are building blocks of success. Without tasting failure, understanding success is difficult.

    1. Your'e right Sue.. I couldn't agree with you anymore. Failures helps us to better understand Success. And through failures we realize our mistakes that change us for better.

      thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. Pearly I missed you. I thought you'll be active again the last time. I am happy to hear from you today. How are you?

    Thanks for posting these A-Z's. All successful individuals experienced failures in some ways and will always be put to the test of failures along the way.

    1. I missed you more Sey, You, Ate Mayen, Haze and V (Of One Heart). I am back to blogging but not as active as before. I have to set limits because of my plan in going back to School. I'm afraid kasi baka magblog nalang ako ng mag blog..hehee

      kaya ito once a week lang o kaya kung may naisulat lang. But I keep on reading sa mga blog posts ninyo, though di ako nagko-comment. Thanks sa comment Sey. Akala ko nakalimutan muna ako..hehee TC always.

  3. this is really inspiring. I agree to everything. We will never know the feeling of successful if we didn't fai

    1. Thanks Ate Mayen. I miss you Ate.

  4. Very inspirational! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you Haze. I miss you ganda. How are you?

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  6. I've been reading books about dreams and how to reach them, and it also states there a lot of how failures will life you up!! Hi pearl!!! :)

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